47 Friends Wine

It all starts with friends.

At a yearly summer gathering of college friends, held on the Sonoma coast, I took this table wine and christened it “47 Friends.  Whether there were 47 friends present or we had 47 bottles of wine, no one can quite remember…

I wanted a wine that all of my 47 Friends could enjoy regularly.

Oh, we loved to savor a $60 Cab, but what about a wine that we could drink every night – without playing roulette with our local supermarket’s “value wines”…some decent and some terrible?  So I made a blend of Cabernet, Zinfandel, and Syrah, bottled it, and brought it with me to the Sonoma coast to see what my friends thought.  They all loved it – and asked how they could get some.

47 Friends wines was born.

These circles of friends can be made, and added to, generously.  You can find them at work, school, the tennis court, a local wine bar, the co-op grocery, online…anywhere you go with an open spirit.  To knit them into your life, nothing works like the sharing of food and drink.  The 47 Friends wines were made for just this purpose.

Grab your 47 Friends – and enjoy!


“Forty-Seven Friends” and “47 + design”
are registered trademarks of Melissa J. Moholt-Siebert.

47 Friends Wine is fortunate to have a "big sister" winery called Ancient Oak Cellars.  Ancient Oak does all the things a big sister should do: provide a good role model, have good-looking friends to have a crush on, have all the teachers think you must be great because she is, and get us invited to all the good parties.  When you want to try some wines from this kind of high-achieving, amazing-big-sister-kind-of winery, go to www.AncientOakCellars.com and check out her wines.

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