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47 is a highly cototient, supersingular prime number, the atomic number of silver, and the international dialing code for Norway!  At the college I attended, the 47 Society shares the mysterious knowledge that 47 occurs with noticeably higher frequency than any other natural number.  At a yearly summer gathering of college friends, held on the Sonoma coast, I took this table wine and christened it "47 Friends."  Whether there were 47 friends present, or we had 47 bottles of wine, no one can quite remember.  Grab your 47 friends - and enjoy!

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47 Friends Red Table Wine

47 Friends Red Table Wine has a Cabernet Sauvignon base, with Syrah, Zinfandel, and a small amount of other red grape varietals added.  Blending to create this table wine gives the winemaker the freedom to select the best flavor components that marry ripe, young, intense fruit flavors with more mellow, complex flavors.

Composition: 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Zinfandel, 30% Syrah, and 10% other varietals
Appellation: California
Sourcing: Central and North Coast, Sierra Foothills, Lodi
Alcohol Percentage: 13.8%
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47 Friends RRV Pinot in Québec - Magnifique!Despite some trouble reaching the pedals, we arrived at the beach safelySee you in August beach House! (sigh...)The glamor shot!On the deck with sunshine and a good book!...and later on, perhaps a dip in the hot tub!47 Friends waiting for a new friend47 Friends Red bottling47F Red behind bars47F Red on tractor47F White on tractor wheel47F Red by pumphouse wall47F White atop post47F Red and White on vine